Saturday, January 10, 2009

gawd damn innerweb

well. dont you hate it when a song you got for free is really only half the song or otherwise just won't play right . right. I do too. Also, when it then appears that you can't edit those bum songs away without losing the good ones. yep. me too.
For cool tattoo ideas, or weird hate mail; you can write me at yeah buddy . more tattoo pictures soon.


  1. thanks to mr. alan thompson for the history of the green manalishi lecture 2007.

  2. you are so stinkin' great! i love you!

  3. Well, HI! Dude, you are good. What clean fun I'm gonna have keeping up with you. Yep, it's your cousin, Kim! -Do you remember Aunt Pat having you, Chris and Craig wear Uncle Jim's white T's for PJs?! You guys were too much fun to grow up with! Come see Mimi, Aunt Pat and Uncle Joe along with who ever else ends up on my blog, maybe you! KimNOW Know that you are blessed!


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